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So I thought I’d share a little tip today on how to make parenting a little more budget-friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to admit that I spend WAY TOO MUCH on my little baby boy and I love it!!!! I want to buy all the clothes, all the rad toys, all the latest and greatest! But, sometimes reality taps me on the shoulder and reminds me, I’m not rich. What has helped us to keep our budget healthy and somewhat intact, is Marketplace. Have you ever been on Facebook and seen the tab that says Marketplace? You guys!! This is magic! Click on it! If you’re not against buying used items here and there (sometimes new,) this will quickly become your new favorite shopping space. When you enter the Marketplace you are able to search for whatever it is that you’re looking for, you can adjust the amount you want to spend, location, distance, etc. It is so user-friendly!

So what are some items that a typical mummy would enjoy having? Would you love a Bumbo for your bubba? They’re as low as $15 (we bought ours in great shape for $5) on Marketplace as compared to $39.99 from the store (you can always go check it out first before buying it, if it doesn’t meet your cleanliness requirements, don’t buy it and move on!) How about a baby gate? We literally just bought the Munchkin Quick Install Ultra Safety Baby Gate for $8. They go for $26.99 at Target and it is in perfect condition! What if I’d like a gnarly new toy for my bubba like a Baby Einstein Jumper? Marketplace shows some for as low as $25! That definitely beats paying $79.99 right?

Your options for baby items on Marketplace are endless and the prices will shock you (and you might have to holster that urge to splurge, haha.) I have found this little trick to be a total lifesaver, especially because a lot of baby-related items only get used for a few months before the baby outgrows it. It’s hard to justify spending so much on something that will only get used for a couple of months. On the flip side, that means much of the items on Marketplace have only been used for a short time as well! I hope this simple tip will help you find what you need and within your budget. It definitely has worked for us!

p.s. To save even more, you can sell the items your baby has outgrown on Marketplace and use that money to buy other things you need. Talk about budget saver!! 🙂


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Here’s photos of how to get there from your phone app.


This is in no way a paid advertisement for Facebook, I really just love saving money on the site!

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