Change Is Good

As these next few weeks fly by, I can’t help but to get a little emotional.

April will bring about many changes for our little family and I’m just trying to keep up! My husband Ara will finish off his LAST semester of school and graduate from BYU. I couldn’t be more proud of him, it’s been a rollercoaster for us with all of the late night studies and crazy schedules. But, as excited as I am about him graduating (as a super senior haha,) I’m also a little sad. This has been our lifestyle together from the very beginning, and I’ve really enjoyed all the memories that we’ve made these past 5 years through dating and being married here in Provo.

With Ara graduating, it also means that he will be starting a new job right after and who knows where we will have move to. I can’t wait to move on from the “starving student” life, but it’s a fear of the unknown. We’re so great with our routine right now and seeing how that’ll change with his new career is a little scary, not to mention, figuring out which job to take! And along with a new career, he’s also a part of the Utah Warriors which is a team in the very new Major League Rugby. This year will be interesting as we find out how people will respond to the new league, one of the those “make it or break it” moments I suppose (their home opener is this Friday March, 30. Fingers crossed!!)

As if this amount of change isn’t big enough for this simple mum…our baby boy Kana will be turning 1. What in the world?!! He has grown SO much and we love seeing his little personality come out more and more. I did the worst thing that any mum could do today…I reminisced through old photos and videos of our little newborn which led to tears (feel free to reminisce with me and read my birth story!) How was it even possible that he was so tiny? We are so blessed with the cheeky little guy that he is and love being his parents! Im always conflicted with the thought of “Please stop growing!” and “But really, continue to grow and thrive!”.

Change can definitely be hard to grasp, but the beauty of it is that it can also promote growth. How could we ever grow and try new things if we avoided change? Just think of all of the adventures that you’ve had in your life because of doing something different and changing it up. To be honest, I have to remind myself of this often, especially lately! Yes, a bunch of new things are going to be happening for our little family, BUT, that means that a bunch of new opportunities are headed our way as well. A new job. A new city. A new milestone. A new adventure (check out how we are going to Paris for less than $500 roundtrip and win a trip to BALI here.) I can’t wait to find out what our family is up to in 6 months and see how we are thriving!

“Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good but you may gain something better.” -unkown



Ivy Elkington


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