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It doesn’t take long for me to get wanderlust.

I start thinking about where I’d love to visit, the food I could eat, people I’d meet, etc.! There are so many reasons to travel, but in the past few weeks I’ve received some rad inspiration. Lately I’ve had family and friends go on adventures that have had a different purpose. One of my cousins is currently in Thailand teaching children, and a good friend of mine is in Haiti putting her hands to use to serve those in need. Of course they are in places that they have always wanted to visit, but they are there with a heart of giving.

Now, I’m not saying that you should travel solely for the purpose of giving service (you’re amazing if you do) but rather to add a few things to your itinerary with the intent of making a difference. By looking for opportunities to give during traveling, your experiences will be much more meaningful! How awesome would it be to look back on a vacation, remembering all the fun you had, as well as remembering how you made a difference for some people who were struggling, or a hiking trail in need of cleaning? You can easily find ways to add a little extra heart to your travels! Donate some of your time to clean up a waterfall scattered with trash. Meet new faces as you spend an hour or two at the local food bank. Dive deep into the culture and people as you volunteer to help!

This summer, I’ll be going to Hawaii in May (how could I pass up $301 roundtrip?!🙌🏽) and have signed up for a few volunteer beach cleanups! Do I absolutely love the beautiful beaches in Hawaii? YES! Would I love to help keep those beaches beautiful? HECK YES!!! I can’t wait to mingle with family and new friends as we spend a little time giving service. From now on, I want to get more out of my vacations, and I especially want my children to learn how to make the most of their travels and to REALLY get to know other places, cultures and people by serving them. Traveling is happiness, but making a difference while traveling is thriving!

“Some travel too see the difference, others travel to make a difference.”



Ivy Elkington

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