Hey Mums…Don’t Be Naughty, Be Nice!

Because Christmas gives me all the feels, I want to talk a little bit about being kind. Motherhood is filled with so many wonderful things from those memorable firsts giggles, to the first time they reach out for you (oh my heart!!) But, unfortunately it also comes with some not so wonderful things.. and I’m not talking about endless poopy diapers! Being a mummy is extremely worth it, but it is exhausting. Keeping a tiny little human..or two…or five, alive is demanding work! Personally, I feel like my motherhood journey has been filled with a lot of learning and accomplishments, accompanied by countless failures. Like, how about that time I trimmed Kana’s fingernails for the FIRST TIME EVER and clipped his skin on accident😫 (sorry son and yes I did cry!)

And as if we aren’t hard enough on ourselves, it’s easy to look outward and be judgmental towards other mums. Sometimes what we see is easy to judge without knowing the full story. This is why it’s important to replace judgement with compassion and kindness. That mum that looks like she’s struggling to keep up with her children, she just went through 24 hours of no sleep because of teething. Or that mum that isn’t breastfeeding her baby, she has PCOS and physically cannot provide the breastmilk. So, next time you see a mum doing her best at being a mummy, maybe throw out a compliment, or if she looks like she’s struggling, offer a helping hand! I know that when Kana is crying while I’m attempting to multitask, and people are staring…I feel like all eyes are on me and telling me that I’m not doing good enough. How groovy would it be for someone to offer some help or words of encouragement rather than a judgmental stare?

Mumming is hard all on its own, so I want to challenge each one of you to be kind to each other, and more importantly, to yourself. Let me be the first to say, that you are doing amazing and that you are a GREAT mum!! I commend all you mummies out there for your beautiful work, keep raising those kind little bubbas, and start with being an example of kindness! After all, ‘tis the season!

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves .” – James M. Barrie



Ivy Elkington


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  1. What an adorable baby! And what great words of encouragement! Thanks for your blog and glad to meet you! I found you on Mom Blogger’s Club forum! I’m also glad to see that you are posting about “Light The World” Isn’t that a wonderful initiative? I usually hang out on Twitter, so if you ever get an account, look me up! It’s https://twitter.com/agalneeds

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