How To Get A Beach Body

  1. Have a body.

  2. Go to the beach.

With summer just around the corner, I’ve noticed people putting in that extra effort to get that perfect beach bod ready in time. I mean, I too have been making my best efforts. I work out as often as I can and try my hardest at eating within my macros (stuff you sweet tooth!) There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be your best self, and giving your body the extra care is great for staying healthy and thriving! But all too often (myself included sometimes) I see people going overboard and obsessing.

When I find myself obsessing, it’s most likely because I am comparing myself to someone else. I think that it’s so important for everyone to remember that all bodies are different! Some are small, some are big, some are tall, short, naturally skinny, naturally plump, etc. This is why it is extra important for us to avoid comparing. That instagram babe you follow most likely has a different body frame than you do. Her starting point might be completely different than your starting point! Perhaps all she needs to do is lift some weights here and there and Oh, there’s her six pack! Meanwhile, you spend hours doing cardio and lifting weights only to find little to no change. 

Friends, I titled this post “How To Get A Beach Body” with the intention of motivating you to be confident in your own skin. A beach body is not a specific size or shape, it’s a feeling, it’s having confidence in yourself. When you feel good about yourself and love yourself, that is your “beach body.” Lately, I’ve felt so encouraged because of friends that literally love themselves no matter their size. Their fearlessness is so rad and I love seeing how they project their best selves out into the world! This summer, be the bad*ss out on the beach that is fully confident in themselves! Flaunt that swimsuit, and be proud of your body!!

“I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me.”


Ivy Elkington

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