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Growing up, I’ve always been a very active person! Now that I’m a mum and expecting #2, it’s become even more important for me to stay active and to keep my body strong.

To me, a strong and healthy body is the best vessel that I can give my baby to grow in! (And also give me the best chance at keeping up with my energizer toddler.) I follow a few boards on my pregnancy apps, and so often I find a post from an expecting mum wondering if continuing her active lifestyle and working out is okay to do. Every time, I offer the same advice that my midwife gave me, “listen to your body” (along with the obvious, “talk to your Dr..”) There is no one answer that is correct for everyone outside of this simple phrase! Just as all our pregnancies are different, so are our bodies, and with that comes a difference in what we can handle activity-wise. Some women may be able to continue running those marathons and doing intense Crossfit workouts! Some women may need to take it easier and take the intensity level way down to ensure the health of their growing baby and themselves. But for both, listening to their body stands to be true.

In my own experience, as I’ve continued to workout and follow a healthy(ish, I love my sweets) lifestyle, I’ve found that I’m always tuning in with my body and seeing how I’m feeling! If something feels a little off during a workout, I slow it down on the treads, or just drop the weights in my hands and continue my reps. There are so many options to get your heart pumping that don’t have to be high impact. If running starts to feel too uncomfortable, (and let’s be honest, with a big baby bump, it’s bound to happen at some point!) I can easily do some speed walking at an incline, or give that elliptical a go! I can guarantee that I’d be huffing and puffing in no time. Same thing goes when I’m lifting weights. Your body is stretching and getting pliable and ready for baby, so heavy weights might not feel as great as they did in the beginning. Instead of sticking it out and possibly causing an unwanted injury, I just grab lighter weights, or no weights at all. Regardless, I try to keep form in mind at all times to keep myself and baby safe. If I start to lose my good form, it’s a pretty good indicator that I should stop. There isn’t anything more powerful than your own intuition! 

I hope that I’ve encouraged other expecting mothers to continue to be active! It’s so empowering to feel healthy and strong, especially while pregnant. Your active lifestyle doesn’t have to go out the window, just have a chat with your Dr. or Midwife, keep good form and live by the words, “Listen to you body!”

“The best way to keep your baby healthy, is to keep yourself healthy.”


Ivy Elkington

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