Baby’s First Food!

What kind of eating habits will I teach my kids? What foods will I allow my kids to eat? When should I start feeding my baby solids? What food brand is best for my baby? These are a few of the many questions that have crowded my thoughts the past few weeks as we prepared to give Kana his first taste of baby food this Thanksgiving (what better way to celebrate right??) The anticipation of this significant milestone has been huge. We’ve been so curious to see what foods he will like, what he won’t like, the funny faces he might make, and lastly, how it’ll all effect his diaper changes..THE HORROR!!


With this, a lot of thought went into choosing what his first taste would be, which ended up being Beech-Nut sweet potatoes (I would love to be that mum that makes all her baby’s food from scratch, but let’s be honest, that’s pretty time consuming.) It was important to me to research the best baby foods for him. This led to me making a simple discovery; look for baby foods that have no preservatives or surprises. When the jar says “just apple & kale”, I only want to see two ingredients on that label, and they better be apples and kale! This basic rule has made finding the best foods for Kana super easy, and Beech-Nut naturals has been our food of choice because of their affiliation with the non gmo project. I hope that by making healthy educated choices for him now, that when the time comes, he will make similar choices. For those of you wondering how his first bite of sweet potatoes went, the photos say it all. By the third bite, HE. WANTED. ALL. THE. FOOD! Haha!

“Kids who are fed healthy foods grow up loving healthy foods”


Ivy Elkington

p.s. Our favorite bibs are from Little Unicorn! They have two different styles, but we are loving the bandana style 🙂

2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Food!”

  1. I love this! I also feel it is so important to start important habits like that now… even when it doesn’t seem like they are aware of any of it. We have tried to bring Abby with us when we exercise, travel, or spend time socializing. It is not only important for them, but important for you as parents to create those little habits in raising them. It’s the little things!

    PS those pictures of Kana are too cute!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Anna!! Abby will be such a healthy and happy girl because of her healthy, fun and adventurous parents!! All those little things is what builds their character and behaviors, so they are SO important like you said! We sure miss you guys!

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