What Do I Look For In A Holiday Card?

I love Happy holiday cards! They’re a fun way to exchange well wishes along with life updates…as well as getting to cover your fridge or mantel with cute smiling faces for the holiday season 🙂

When it comes to the design though, I get pretty picky. If I can’t change almost every aspect of a design…it’s a no-go for me. I also like to look for special touches that make the cards all that more unique. If I wanted a generic card, I could easily just pop on over to Target and purchase something that many others have likely purchased as well. But, that is simply unlike me! I love personal, one of a kind, or just homemade.

So, when I went to the Basic Invite website, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the options. Like, they even had pregnancy-themed holiday cards!! It was far too perfect for the coming of our little baby girl this next April. After I chose which card I liked best, I then got to go in and make it completely my own. I changed every single one of the colors and even added in some pretty gold foil touches. I was also able to adjust the wording so that it truly became our very own holiday card.

And as if it wasn’t personalized enough, I got to decide every aspect of the back side too! Be still my soul! One photo? Two photos? Four photos and some writing? All writing? Etc! Finally, I combined this completely unique design that I had created with MY photos to make them 100% one of a kind:)

I really enjoyed my experience with Basic Invite and that they allowed me to get in touch with my creative side. Obviously making holiday cards for 30 people by hand would be a very tedious task, but I feel like I DID get to send out homemade cards! The final result turned out so beautiful. I can’t wait for everyone to get their Elkington Whanau update and to add our sweet Kana’s smiling face to their refrigerator or mantle! Whether you’re in need of some invitations for a holiday party, or are simply on the lookout for the best Christmas card sale, I hope that my experience can help you decide on the best holiday card for you and your family!

My holiday gift to you is a heads up on this special coupon code for 30% off at Basic Invite: holi30



Ivy Elkington


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